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Make Green Work.

Origination & Trading for Environmental Assets

Project Development & Origination

Leveraging AI data tools for creation, and integrated dMRV ensures high integrity while accelerating processes by 80%. Streamline your project's progress with efficiency and reliability


High-frequency transactions with deep liquidity, providing flexibility to buy. Changeblock utilizes risk-ratings and a global integrated pricing network to enable better informed decision-making and ensuring transparency in the trading process

Integrity at Changeblock

We connect data, technology and expertise to deliver comprehensive risk-ratings and integrity-ranked environmental credits.

Integrity at Changeblock

We connect data, technology and expertise to deliver comprehensive risk-ratings and integrity-ranked environmental credits.

Changeblock Integrity Guarantee

Changeblock Integrity Guarantee ensures buyer peace of mind when acquiring credits using Changeblock. Besides global standards, we conduct additional checks for confidence in purchasing environmental credits.

Data-to-Credit Technology

Integrating with existing registries, our enhanced dMRV speeds up emission credit creation and validation, streamlining the process.

Risk Management & Advisory Services

We offer tools for calculating risks, potential returns, and credit portfolio management, along with policy and commercial advisory services in developing countries across the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Case Studies

Fusion One

Pioneering end-of-life plastic credits, Changeblock develops and provides digital monitoring, recording and validation of environmental credits for Fusion One Energy, which converts plastic waste into feedstock and hydrogen-fuel.


Delivering point-source carbon capture, geological storage, an advanced LDAR program, and baseline reporting, Changeblock assists in methane and carbon assets for Greenflame while ensuring comprehensive monitoring and mitigation.

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Meeting UKCCC standards, Changeblock integrates with's decentralized offset technology for UK Soil Carbon liquidity, providing over $6M USD of Soil Carbon

Stop Press

5 min read

EMURGO Africa Invests USD 250K in Changeblock

MURGO Africa, the Africa and Middle East-focused venture arm of EMURGO, a prominent founding entity behind the Cardano blockchain, invested USD 250,000 in Changeblock.
5 min read

Changeblock, Stabiliti unite for Verified Carbon Credits per UKCCC rules

Changeblock has announced a strategic partnership with Stabiliti, an automated carbon removal provider. The collaboration aims to channel capital into nature-based solutions and offer verified carbon credits in accordance with the UK Carbon Code of Conduct (UKCCC). Changeblock will offer Stabiliti's carbon credits to buyers through its platform. The partnership enhances credit integrity, transparency and drives real environmental impact towards a global net-zero economy.
5 min read

Changeblock: UK North Sea Treasure Map Needs Energy Industry Investment to Drive Carbon Capture

Changeblock, a global carbon market technology company that develops innovative technologies for creating high integrity tradeable offsets from trustworthy and transparent sources, today said that the recent UK government announcement of the creation of a North Sea “treasure map” for carbon capture and storage (CCS) raises concerns and opportunities for the country's journey towards a net-zero economy.
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