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Carbon Market Participation isn't working properly, and the time to act is now.

Here's how we're working to fix it

Climate Data

Harnessing data to enable better decision making for businesses.

Climate Financing

Providing early-stage projects with finance through Web3 Crowdfunding.

Climate Exchange

A trusted Climate Exchange with self-executing smart carbon contracts.


Machine Learning

Fully Harnessed
Climate Data

Changeblock’s information engine offers hyper-accurate carbon accounting, as-well as risk, investment, market and environmental asset management tools that empower Businesses and Project Developers to take control over their Natural Capital, ESG Compliance and Offset Requirements; whilst making the most of Financial Opportunities.

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Early-Stage Project
Climate Financing

Changeblock’s Crowdfunding platform is a milestone driven instrument for investors and project developers alike in the fight against climate change. Web3 technologies provide enhanced financial flexibility, reliability and trust in monitoring, verification and reporting (MRV) frameworks and standards.

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Climate Trades

Changeblock uses smart contracts to offer transactional anonymity,  maximised trading opportunities but also assured counter-party contract reliability. Where required, non-blockchain-based contractual agreements are immutably uploaded to the blockchain, offering reduced transaction risk at lower costs and with greater transactional security.

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Powered by Smart Contracts

By implementing fully audited blockchain-based smart contracts, we are able to offer maximised trading opportunities and assured counter-party contract reliability.

Trusted by thought-leaders and industry experts

Robert Hahn

Senior Technology Fellow & Former Director of Economics - University of Oxford

“A platform like this is absolutely essential if the world is to make sustained progress on the critical challenges that lie ahead.”

Gabriel Thoumi

CEO, Responsible Alpha

"Changeblock enables the standardization of innovations in environmental finance so that markets can easily achieve, at lower costs, liquidity, marketability and assurance of contract completion across a broad range of ecosystem assets."

John Palmisano

Advisor to the US EPA, US AID, EU, UN, World Bank, Russian, Ukrainian, and Canadian gvts. on emissions trading programs

“Going forward, "truth-In-emissions-trading" is built into emission trades, not added on.  Changeblock offers the speed, security, flexibility, and cost; that's evolution, that's called progress.”

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How it works

Climate assets, such as carbon credits or plastic offsets, are converted into carbon-backed-tonnes (CBTs) using a smart carbon contract. Each CBT is linked to a data packet containing all the information required by the market to ensure the security and quality of the asset.

CBTs can be purchased directly as ‘spot’ contracts on the Changeblock Exchange, or combined into synthetic derivatives using the Changeblock Protocol.

Holders of CBTs or derivatives are able at any point to redeem their tokens in exchange for the underlying asset. 

Together, anything is possible

We believe climate change is a global fight and that’s why we plan to work with the biggest and most trusted names in the industry. Together, anything is possible.

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Whether you are a multinational corporation or an individual that wants to offset personal emissions, Changeblock is designed to accommodate everyone’s needs.

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