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Fusion One Energy Corporation and Changeblock partner to create world's first End-of-life Plastic Credit - Learn more

Transforming the way we offset our environmental impact through innovative technology and reliable data

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Environmental credit creation and issuance


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Changeblock and Fusion One together create world's first End-of-life Plastic Reduction

Changeblock and Fusion One have partnered to create the world's first end-of-life plastic reduction solution, utilizing advanced technologies and circular economy principles to reduce plastic waste and create value for businesses and individuals with a tradeable digital credit

The State of Digital Carbon

Changeblock breaks down the markets of yesterday, today and tomorrow in this essential year-end whitepaper

Looking ahead. Environmental and Digital Asset Risk in 2023.

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Machine Learning

Fully Harnessed
Climate Data

Changeblock's tools streamline carbon accounting and natural capital management, making it easy for businesses to meet ESG compliance and offset requirements while maximizing financial opportunities.

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Early-Stage Project
Climate Financing

Changeblock simplifies the process for companies and organizations to invest in green initiatives and for clean technology startups to succeed. Our digital credits can be pre-purchased and sold, supporting projects in crucial early stages.

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Secure and Anonymous Climate Transactions

Changeblock is a secure, private and credible platform for buying and selling digital carbon credits. Our smart contract technology ensures anonymity and maximum trading opportunities, while also providing assurance of counter-party contract reliability. Additionally, our use of blockchain technology helps protect transactions, making them more secure and reducing the risk of fraud. With Changeblock, businesses and individuals can access and invest in sustainable projects with confidence.

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Trusted by thought-leaders and industry experts

Robert Hahn

Senior Technology Fellow & Former Director of Economics - University of Oxford

“A platform like this is absolutely essential if the world is to make sustained progress on the critical challenges that lie ahead.”

John Palmisano

Advisor to the US EPA, US AID, EU, UN, World Bank, Russian, Ukrainian, and Canadian gvts. on emissions trading programs

“Going forward, "truth-In-emissions-trading" is built into emission trades, not added on.  Changeblock offers the speed, security, flexibility, and cost; that's evolution, that's called progress.”


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