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Environmental Transactions Policy

At Changeblock, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and transparency on our environmental credit exchange platform. Our policies and guidelines are designed to ensure the integrity and security of all transactions and promote sustainable development for all.

Verification of Buyers and Sellers

All buyers and sellers on our platform will be subject to a robust verification process. This includes identity verification, KYC (Know Your Customer) checks, and background checks to ensure that the customers are legitimate entities with a valid interest in transacting carbon credits.

Policies and Guidelines

We have clear policies and guidelines that outline the rules and requirements for buyers and sellers to use the platform. These guidelines address issues such as the types of carbon credits that can be transacted, the verification and documentation required, and the dispute resolution process in case of any disputes between buyers and sellers.

Education and Training

We provide education and training to all buyers and sellers on how to use Changeblock effectively and efficiently.

Continuous Monitoring and Reporting

We continuously monitor and report on all transactions on our platform, providing regular updates on the volume of carbon credits transacted, the pricing trends, and any issues or disputes that may arise. We monitor our platform on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, at 10am and 10pm to ensure the integrity and security of all transactions.

Comprehensive Documentation of Carbon Credits

We maintain detailed, encrypted, and immutable documentation of the sources and verification of all carbon credits transacted on our platform. This includes information about the certification standards followed by the issuing bodies. Our partners and clients can review this documentation to confirm the legitimacy and accuracy of the carbon credits.

Dedicated Team of Experts

We have assembled a team of experts responsible for overseeing all carbon credit transactions on our platform. This team verifies the accuracy and legitimacy of carbon credits before they are transacted, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and guidelines. By working closely with our partners and clients, they ensure all transactions are conducted in a transparent and compliant manner, upholding the integrity of our environmental credit exchange.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously evaluate and improve our platform and processes to ensure that they remain up to date with the latest industry standards and best practices. This includes seeking feedback from buyers and sellers and making changes to the platform's features and policies based on this feedback.


We are risk-led, and value integrity, trust and transparency above all

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Our dedicated team is always ready to guide you through our credit exchange process, elaborate on our environmental policies, or address any concerns you may have. At Changeblock, we believe in the power of transparency and trust, which are just as vital to our operation as the sustainable changes we aim to instigate. We invite you to reach out to us. Let's build a greener, more sustainable future together, one block at a time.

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