Beyond Carbon Credits

Our platform guides project developers in creating credits from biotechnologies, carbon capture, nature-based, maritime and end-of-life plastics.
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Project Submission

Upload the key information about your project including items such as your team, geography, target type or types of credit, experience, progress and vision.


Project Review

Your project gets analysed, with a third party assessment. Changeblock determines a variable risk-forecast, scenario modelling, cost analysis, price forecasting and what-if scenario modelling, with cutting-edge AI enhancements

Pipeline Launch

Based on the output of the Project Review, you will be able to launch your project on Changeblock, this might include being able to market your project directly to investors. In any case you will be able launch into the pipeline, begin your journey to environmental assets and network with leading consultants, developers and auditors.



Feasibility Analysis

Assessing the viability of a project that aims to generate pre-sales of existing credits, or new credits or offsets. It involves evaluating the technical, financial, and regulatory aspects of the project.


Methodology Development

Designing and implementing a methodology to calculating and verifying the reductions or removals to be achieved. Involves establishing a set of rules and procedures for measuring and reporting the project's emissions reductions or removals, as well as verifying that the emissions reductions or removals are real, permanent, and additional to what would have happened without the project.



Crowdfunding on our platform offers a unique opportunity for project developers to secure funding for their clean technology projects, at idea stage or later. Our platform provides a supportive and transparent environment for you to connect with potential investors and showcase the positive impact of your project. Raise awareness and funds for your project and make a difference in the fight against climate change. Get started on your crowdfunding journey now.

The State of Digital Carbon

Changeblock breaks down the markets of yesterday, today and tomorrow in this essential year-end whitepaper

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